Akos Ledeczi

Professor of Computer Engineering / Senior Research Scientist


<p>My main research area is&nbsp;<a href="">wireless sensor networks (WSN)</a>. My team has developed one of the first WSN-based&nbsp;<a href="">countersniper systems</a>. An enhanced version is soldier wearable and not only does it localize the shooter very accurately, but it can also tell the caliber and the weapon type. An interesting&nbsp;<a href="">paper</a>&nbsp;describes the system in detail. The latest version is smartphone-based. </p> <p>My other focus is Model Integrated Computing. Our latest open source software tool, the&nbsp;<a href="">Web-based Generic Modeling Environment</a>&nbsp;is a web- and cloud-based, collaborative, configurable toolkit for creating domain-specific visual modeling and program synthesis environments.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

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Introduction to Programming with MATLAB