Peter Bell

Assistant Professor


Peter Bell is a producer, composer, and guitarist. His compositions and productions include the themes to This Old House, New Yankee Workshop, Victory Garden, and the ABC After School Special, as well as countless jingles and production tracks. Peter has produced tracks featuring many world-class musicians, including Bonnie Raitt (Public Service Announcement), Tracey Bonham, Livingston Taylor, Kate Taylor, Alex Taylor, Layla Hathaway, John Poussette-Dart, The New Kids On The Block, Rebecca Parris, Mick Goodrick, Mike Metheny, Mark Sandman of Morphine, Alan Estes, Patty Grifin, and others. His song "I'm Funky But I'm Clean" can be heard on the latest Dan Lawson CD, Soldier of Fortune, released in 2014.He has recorded with Bonnie Raitt on Warner Brothers and the James Montgomery Band on Capricorn and Island Records, among many others. His awards include two Emmys, seven NEBA awards, and six ASCAP awards. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Composition and Arranging from Berklee College of Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Harvard University.Peter currently teaches Music Technology at Berklee College of Music and in addition he teaches Desk Top Music Production as well as his own course, Jingle Writing, for Berklee Online.