Sadie St. Lawrence is a Data Scientist for VSP Global. In this role, she designs analytics solutions, provides training to help the organization move through the five stages of analytics maturity, and researches new analytics technologies. In addition to her work at VSP Global, Sadie is the Founder and Executive Director of Women in Data (WID). Women in Data is a nonprofit organization focused on creating job opportunities for women data centric fields. WID carries out their mission by providing career coaching, education opportunities, hackathons, and community events. Sadie is very passionate about helping people find their purpose, innovating the education model, and solving problems through creative thinking. Outside of work, Sadie is an avid adventure seeker and enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking and yoga. When not looking for the next mountain to climb, you can usually find Sadie studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and spending time with her maltipoo, Bentley.


SQL for Data Science