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工程圖學 2D CAD, National Taiwan University

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工程圖學在教什麼?這門課有的重要性為何? 對我的專業有什麼幫助?沒有工程背景的人也可以學習工程圖學嗎?我不是工程師,學習工程圖學對我的生活有幫助嗎? 這門課是CAD/BIM技術與應用專項課程的第一門課,與其他三門課「工程圖學2D專題」、「工程圖學3D」,及「工程圖學3D專題」,作為工程圖學及電腦繪圖的入門課程,你將在這門課會學到各種繪圖的原理與方法,以及AutoCAD電腦繪圖技術,並在相關的作業練習中,逐漸熟練這些基本技術。 工程製圖的應用無所不在,最主要的目的就是利用圖像來描述物體的形貌與功能,作為保存與傳遞想法的工具。繪圖一點也不難,無論你從事什麼工作,來自什麼背景,只要你具備中學程度的基本幾何和三角函數概念,就可以在這裡從頭開始,學會工程圖學!你會驚訝的發現,當繪圖融入你的生活時帶來的趣味與方便!...
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30 Reviews

By Ali Fraz Khalid

Nov 21, 2018

Very understandable course for designers and needs improvements. Especially language additions are required. Moreover peer graded assignments should not be a part of this as students has to wait a lot for getting certificate.

By Pearl

Jun 04, 2018


By Zalman Ren

Feb 08, 2018


By 陳怡孜

Jul 05, 2017


By quieter

May 08, 2017

Learn the basics of the AutoCAD 2015. Extreme helpful to my work.

By Nguyen Thanh Long

Mar 23, 2017

Well-presented contents with comprehensive illustrations and easy to follow, cover in proper order every aspect of drawing and AutoCAD. Would appreciate if the English subtitle is available in the whole course, so more students could access to these handy lectures and exercises.

By Jing Chen

Mar 11, 2017

Very Basic course for learners without Autocad experiences.

By 何舒桦

Jan 04, 2017


By 章诗琪

Dec 28, 2016


By Yong.L

Nov 25, 2016