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The Ancient Greeks, Wesleyan University

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About this Course

This is a survey of ancient Greek history from the Bronze Age to the death of Socrates in 399 BCE. Along with studying the most important events and personalities, we will consider broader issues such as political and cultural values and methods of historical interpretation....

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Apr 23, 2018

This has been an enthralling course which introduces you to the world of the Ancient Greek. Thank you Prof. Andrew Szegedy-Maszak, and all the course creators and mentors, for this excellent course.


Oct 16, 2015

Well presented, wonderful insight into the world of the ancient Greeks. I learnt a lot, and it has whetted my appetite for more. I really loved this course, and enjoyed it very much indeed

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261 Reviews


May 19, 2019

Love this course. Wish there was a second part. Learned a lot and enjoyed every second of it! It completely changed what I thought was the history of Greece, especially of the difference in culture and practices of the different states, the personalities behind what we know today and the military campaigns of the Persian and Peloponnese War. Absolutely recommend this to anyone who likes history. Kind of wish that I could do a Masters in History in this platform.

By Agnieszka Maria Christiansen

May 18, 2019

I will recommend this course. I was astonished by how many words, expressions come from greek language. The idea of democracy, the society in the ancient Greece all based up on the sources from that time. I enjoyed all 7 weeks.


May 15, 2019

Very interesting course. Thank you

By Brian Perry

Apr 29, 2019

Great course - At times work and other priorities prevented personal study and details /names that would prove required for cumulative quiz at the end of each unit. You can tell the professors passion for both the subject and his desire to communicate that love of Greek and both it's history ,legacy, and culture. Thank you for taking the time to construct a great overview of that time period and the importance of Greece's contribution to world history.

By Erik Van Linden

Apr 13, 2019

Great Course if you want an fast overview over Ancient Greece.

By Margreta Van der Laan

Apr 09, 2019

I enjoyed the course. I studied Ancient Greece in high school so the course brought back some memories.

By Perez Vergara Miguel Alfredo

Mar 16, 2019

Gracias a este curso aprendí la historia de Grecia y me ayudaron a mi nota de castellano.

By Michael Simic

Mar 15, 2019

Very good course. I had only studied Greece briefly during World History class so some of the topics were familiar but this course fleshed them out in great but easy to understand detail, and there were many topics we had omitted in World History that were covered in the course. Highly recommend!

By Makoto Kuboshima

Feb 16, 2019

A tremendously valuable set of knowledge on the ancient Greek. Many thanks to Mr. Professor and Tutors.

By Joyce Underwood

Feb 09, 2019

I absolutely love this course and the professor!