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Subtitles: English

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Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

3 hours to complete

Computing Areas and Volumes

Having seen some calculus before, you may recall some of the motivations for integrals arising from area computations. We will review those classical applications, while introducing the core idea of this module -- a differential element. By computing area and volume elements, we will see how to tackle tough geometry problems in a principled manner.

6 videos (Total 78 min), 2 readings, 8 quizzes
6 videos
Complex Volumes15m
2 readings
How to Get Started in this Course10m
How Grading Works10m
8 practice exercises
Core Homework: Simple Areas10m
Challenge Homework: Simple Areas4m
Core Homework: Complex Areas10m
Challenge Homework: Complex Areas6m
Core Homework: Simple Volumes10m
Challenge Homework: Simple Volumes6m
Core Homework: Complex Volumes12m
Challenge Homework: Complex Volumes2m
2 hours to complete

Other Geometric Applications

There's more to geometry than just area and volume! In this module, we will take things "to the next level", ascending to higher dimensions. Coming back to the 3-d world, we will return to problems of length and area, but this time in the context of curves and surfaces. As always, the emphasis will be on how to construct the appropriate differential element for integrating.

4 videos (Total 66 min), 6 quizzes
4 videos
Surface Area16m
6 practice exercises
Core Homework: Volume and Dimension6m
Challenge Homework: Volume and Dimension8m
Core Homework: Arclength10m
Challenge Homework: Arclength4m
Core Homework: Surface Area8m
Challenge Homework: Surface Area4m
1 hour to complete

Physical Applications

There is so much more to applications of integrals than geometry! So many subjects, from physics to finance, have, at heart, the need for setting up and computing definite integrals. In this short but intense module, we will cover applications including work, force, torque, mass, and present & future value.

3 videos (Total 36 min), 4 quizzes
3 videos
4 practice exercises
Core Homework: Work8m
Challenge Homework: Work4m
Core Homework: Elements10m
Challenge Homework: Elements2m
2 hours to complete

Averages and Mass

There is a statistical aspect to integrals that has not yet been brought up in this course: integrals are ideal for computing averages. Motivated by physical problems of mass, centroid, and moments of inertia, we will cover applications of integrals to averages.

5 videos (Total 65 min), 6 quizzes
5 videos
Moments and Gyrations16m
6 practice exercises
Core Homework: Averages10m
Challenge Homework: Averages4m
Core Homework: Centroids10m
Challenge Homework: Centroids4m
Core Homework: Moments and Gyrations8m
Challenge Homework: Moments and Gyrations6m
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By CCJul 7th 2018

The course taught me about how calculus is used to explain probability and statistics. This is exactly what I need to began studying these areas.

By AGJun 23rd 2016

this was simply an amazing course, perfect for my skill level and exactly what i needed to learn. Thank you for the opportunity.



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