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Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases, ConsenSys Academy

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About this Course

This course is the definitive introduction to blockchain for both the developer and non-developer audience. Beyond the technology, this course will introduce you to some of the philosophy behind decentralization and why there is so much excitement around it. During the first three modules, you'll be introduced to blockchain and the technology behind it. In module four, we'll go beyond bitcoin and delve deeper into a next-generation blockchain called Ethereum to introduce you to what modern blockchains can do. The use cases featured in the final module are drawn from among the businesses in ConsenSys' startup portfolio. We believe we're uniquely positioned to present you with a valuable behind-the-scenes look at the people and companies working in this space to help give you a better understanding of the business side of blockchain. Together, we'll examine businesses use cases, hear from industry leaders, and give you the opportunity to develop and analyze a use case yourself. With this course, not only will you be the one who is able to explain blockchain to your colleagues, you'll be well on your way to making educated business decisions with your new, foundational understanding of the technology....
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36 Reviews

By Thirukkumaran Haridass

Dec 10, 2018

Very very useful. Lots of practical tips to know where and how to apply blockchain solutions to problems in an company.

By Nafisur Ahmed

Dec 10, 2018

awesome course. Loved it. Fantastic for beginners.

By ahmed

Dec 09, 2018

great course

By Prakash

Dec 08, 2018

Awesome Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By JT Oakar

Dec 06, 2018

Excellent Intro to blockchain!

By Milena Guzzo

Dec 06, 2018

very good for beginners

By Leandro Jesus Do Nascimento

Nov 27, 2018


By Murali Kashaboina

Nov 21, 2018

Very informative course.

By Denis Jurman

Nov 19, 2018

I loved this course. It is far from easy as there is a lot to learn but every second spend studying is well worth it.

By David Reavis

Nov 15, 2018

Excellent introduction to Blockchain.