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Chemistry, University of Kentucky

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About this Course

This course is designed to cover subjects in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. This course is a precursor to the Advanced Chemistry Coursera course. Areas that are covered include atomic structure, periodic trends, compounds, reactions and stoichiometry, bonding, and thermochemistry....
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135 Reviews

By Fab

Dec 11, 2018

It's fascinating

By Cindy Aurelia Yefrianda

Dec 09, 2018


By M K

Dec 04, 2018

Professor is very knowledgeable. Possibly needs a slower approach to instruction

Very difficult course and I am not even done with week 1

By Kasey Cassidy

Dec 04, 2018

great wheres my degree?

By Taeho Kim

Nov 17, 2018

Great instructors and good course material provided.

By Maram Al-abid

Nov 08, 2018

Awesome!! Thank You Very Much!! It is a lot of help.

By George Bertini

Nov 07, 2018

great teachers! focus on the facts, with clear examples.

By Ema Dervish

Oct 18, 2018

Could have been more complex stuff as most of the course was A level chemistry

By Izmailov Roman

Sep 23, 2018

Well-structured course, excellent lectors. Good for those who wants to learn or remember basics of Chemistry.

By Michael zeleke

Sep 20, 2018

its a good chem brush-up class for college