Who is this class for: This course is meant for first year Master students in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Note that as a consequence, quiz questions are more like exam questions where you have to construct the answer based on the principles that are taught in the web lectures, rather than to recall the literal text of the teacher.

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  • Juha Plosila

    Taught by:  Juha Plosila, Associate Professor

    Information Technology
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Rated 4.3 out of 5 of 58 ratings

Really liked what was taught. General knowledge that everyone in the CS field should have. I would've loved to have some assignments as well (maybe one every 2 weeks?) related to the modules (e.g.:efficient matrix multiplication for the cache related module). Overall, I really liked this course (also the compilation optimizations were a nice touch)

Thank you very much for the wonderful course. So please don't be offended by any means of my criticism - hopefully it is constructive. I give you 4 stars because in my opinion you go a bit fast and also I expected to hear a bit more about the internal workings of the hardware. I know there are many topics that deserve discussion but I think that more information should be provided besides the cache. This is about the ALU unit, the Flynn taxonomy, the RISC vs CISC and Harvard vs VonNeumann and also some interfaces - serial, parallel , synchrnonous, asynchronous and many others. Also there are the heterogeneous systems, SoC etc. Wish you the best and hope to meet you again.

this course is the best!!

This was a really great course to grasp the concepts which form the basis of Computer Architecture. All key concepts were covered in a simplistic manner.