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Teach English Now! Foundational Principles, Arizona State University

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Through a series of engaging metaphors and stories, prospective and current EFL/ESL teachers will identify, summarize, and evaluate 7 basic language learning paradigms. Learners will be presented information on such foundational principles as motivation, risk taking, two different modes of learning, and balancing the teacher profession. Learners are also given an understanding of basic techniques founded on those principles, such as teacher talk, looking “ridiculous” in order to lower the affective filter, and networking. With these foundational principles in mind, ESL/EFL teachers will scrutinize common assumptions about language learning by comparing how they stack up to research-based core principles....
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Aug 18, 2018

This is a very useful course as I begin my studies to prepare to teach English abroad. ASU is a recognized university and the price is very reasonable. I look forward to the next course in the series.


Nov 01, 2017

Fantastic course. We learn a lot without feeling overwhelmed in any way because the course has been structured beautifully to convey information in a clear and concise manner.\n\nHighly recommend!

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1,341 Reviews

By Mario Abrego

Dec 11, 2018

Great course and content, got the foundation and basics as promised, I actually even though I have experience teaching I did learn a couple of things in this one.

By Yusuf Ercek

Dec 10, 2018

very insightful and mind illuminating

By Michael Berry

Dec 10, 2018

A lot f useful foundational knowledge

By Bernabé NC García

Dec 07, 2018

Great beginning to a great certification program! I am ecstatic!

By Jonny Kahleyn Dieb

Dec 06, 2018

Well designed and beautifully taught.

By Xiaotong YAO

Dec 06, 2018

Very interesting and thought-provoking.

By José Gabriel Osuna Yáñez

Dec 06, 2018

It is amazing!

By Min Shan Tang

Dec 04, 2018

I like this course. It's a very good course for English teacher.

By Essam ELdin Aboulfotouh Elsoholy Aboulhajaj

Dec 03, 2018

thanks coursera , I really enjoyed a lot and I keep learning the rest parts of this course

By peris machogu

Dec 03, 2018

the teaching techniques are superb and schedule is accomodative