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Using Git for Distributed Development, The Linux Foundation

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About this Course

Course 4 focuses on using git for open source software distributed development. Git is a revision control system which arose out of the Linux kernel development community. Git was designed to help developers spread across the globe working on complicated projects coordinate their work in a rational way and keep track of everything they were doing. Overtime, Git has grown to be used by millions of projects today. This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to use git efficiently and make contributions in a relatively short amount of time. It will cover: How to install git How to initialize a repository How to make changes in a repository How to make changes in repositories available to others How to acquire changes made by other individuals How to find errors in your work and go back to earlier states of yoru projects How to make commits, diffs, merges, rebases. The course will help you get the skills to have a good understanding on how to use git. You will have a good knowledge about git workflows, identifying problems in your workflows, and finding solutions to solve these problems....
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4 Reviews

By John Ortiz Ordoñez

Feb 24, 2019

Don't like this course! A lot of text... :(

By Raghu Kishore Vempati

Jan 28, 2019

Good course.

By ELINGUI Pascal Uriel

Jan 06, 2019

Great course, happy to learn about Gerrit!

By Cesar Capillas

Dec 28, 2018

Nice training!. It provides the fundamental concepts for developing with git. Maybe I missed some mentions (or even labs), which popular systems using git, such as github or even gitlab, where simple collaboration workflows may be illustrated easily.