Created by:  Vanderbilt University

  • Nancy Lea Hyer

    Taught by:  Nancy Lea Hyer, Associate Professor of Operations Management, and Associate Dean MBA Programs

    Owen Graduate School of Management

  • Mumin Kurtulus

    Taught by:  Mumin Kurtulus, Associate Professor of Operations Management

    Owen Graduate School of Management

  • Brian McCann

    Taught by:  Brian McCann, Associate Professor of Strategic Management

    Owen Graduate School of Management

  • M. Eric Johnson

    Taught by:  M. Eric Johnson, Ralph Owen Dean and Bruce D. Henderson Professor of Strategy

    Owen Graduate School of Management
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Задания курса

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Ratings and Reviews
Rated 4.6 out of 5 of 5 ratings

Personally I saw this course very practical and helpful and did made an impact on my current responsibilities. I like how operations manangement tied into project management.

As working in a very competitive market that need a sold strategy plan, I found that this course is very helpful in initiating a good strategy or modifying the old strategy in your business with a flavor of a true business examples.

Also, focusing in the critical stage of the strategy journey which is the execution stage is what make this course very useful for a practical business environment. I like the interviews with the high-ups managers in Nissan Company and Bridgestone Company as well.