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Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds, University of Alberta

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About this Course

Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds is a five-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of the origins of birds. This course examines the anatomy, diversity, and evolution of theropod dinosaurs in relation to the origin of birds. Students explore various hypotheses for the origin of flight. Watch a preview of the course here:

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Mar 15, 2018

This course was great! It explains everything clearly, and it keeps you involved by asking questions about the material, and keeps you amused with some interesting anecdotes. Highly suggested by me!


Aug 22, 2017

I loved this course. It was informative, easy to understand, and exciting. The lecturer's knowledge and passion shone through in the lectures, and the course notes were a great supplement too.

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174 Reviews

By Jason Hechler

Nov 03, 2018

Great informative course, entertaining presenters, easy to follow.

By Liza van Gelderen

Sep 21, 2018

Dinosaurs are still living. Where?

You'll learn in this fantastic Course.Thanks!

Love from The Netherlands

By Raphael Borges de Oliveira (Apolo)

Sep 17, 2018

I'm a ruge fan of Coursera style of learning. I think this is a powerful tool for knowledge and a way to spread it. And this course about the connections between theropods and birds just ratify my thoughts. I'd like to say i'm much obliged to you (paleo)scientists of Alberta for the experience and opportunity to learn such a valuable subject for someone that's always fascinated with life's history and Evolution's ways to transform. One day, i shall visit Alberta to see by myself these amazing fossils records you have. Thanks again, you got a (another?) fan from Brazil.

By Caleb Almy Simon

Sep 14, 2018

Highly educational, even for a veteran paleontologist like myself. I would indeed reccomend this course to anyone who has an interest in paleontology, evolutionary biology, or ornithology!

By Amir Ballesteros

Sep 02, 2018

Very good!

By Sayan Tikadar

Aug 30, 2018

Really a great course , not only for paleontology enthusiasts but also for general zoology and biology enthusiasts. the assignments were way too easy in most cases. I hoped to get questions that made us more indulged with the excellent detailed content provided by the University. Had a real great time learning in such detail with such simple yet elaborate way.

By John Dunlap

Aug 28, 2018

Very good course! More of these please!

By Bart Spruijt

Aug 17, 2018

Great course! Even without a biological background, it's very interesting

By David Alexander Guzmán Ricaurte

Aug 12, 2018

excelente Oportunidad de estudiar.


Jul 11, 2018

The cladistic and taxonomic terminology is overwhelming, interspersed with absurdly easy quizzes, but all in all a good course and all materials are available for free. As usual, Dr. Persons can get a bit out of control with the theatrical gestures and facial expressions but I would recommend this course.