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Innovating with the Business Model Canvas, University of Virginia

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About this Course

Have you ever gotten really excited about reading or writing a business plan? You might have started out excited, but I’m going to bet you didn’t stay that way. Let’s be honest- business plans are boring and mostly ignored. The beauty of the one-page Business Model Canvas is that it drives meaningful focus. It helps us organize our ideas and have better discussions by forcing specificity and bringing linkages between key business drivers to the foreground. Innovation requires one hand being very focused on a fundamental need or problem while the other hand quickly tests different solutions. For this, the Business Model Canvas is very innovation friendly: It's a lot easier to tweak the model and try things with something that's sitting on a single page In this course, you’ll learn key tools from the worlds of design thinking and Lean Startup to approach the Canvas with thoughtfulness, focus, and above all a test-driven approach to business model innovation....
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7 Reviews

By Maryam Khaliq

Oct 11, 2018

It gave a very practical approach for establishing business models with clear understanding of each and every stage.


Aug 26, 2018

This course has provided me with a very detailed approach which I can surely use to initiate my start-up. I have fallen in love with this course so much that despite I have completed the course. I will keep on visiting these videos again and again to get insight on my start-up.

By Cristina Gomez

Jul 31, 2018

Great examples!

By Chretien Laurent

Jun 24, 2018

À vert praticable course.

By Kitano, Tuan-Anh Tran

May 02, 2018

Good course for someone know about BMC already; but want a different view.

By Rabi Jay

Apr 09, 2018

Good course, it helped me understand the link between various concepts such as customer focus, design thinking, agile, process improvement, product management and so on, apart from learning how to use the business canvas itself.

By David Jensen

Jan 22, 2018

I think Alex did an excellent job in bringing to life some concepts and ideas that might seems dull. The canvass is a great first step in the field of business model design and he does a good balancing act between process, detail and case examples. I can highly recommend this course as well as his other courses in this series.

David Jensen, UN Environment and Co-founder of MapX