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What Is the Welfare State? A Cross-National Comparison, Columbia University

About this Course

In all nations, social policy is a very large public investment. Course 1 will explore the size, structure, and outcomes of U.S. social policy and compare this policy to those of similar developed countries. The course will also probe the values this policy represents and the values debate regarding about how big our welfare state should be— in other words, how much of our education, housing, health, income support, and social services the government should supply and how much individuals should supply for themselves. This course addresses issues of power, oppression, and white supremacy. The course is part of a sequence in social policy that has an HONORS TRACK. This track will prepare the learner for masters-level work in policy, which involves reading the literature, writing concise summaries and probing critiques. Over the sequence the learner will develop a policy analysis that will create a foundation for professional policy analyst assignments....
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2 Reviews

By Sean Lanning

Jan 21, 2019

The quality of the content is good for an introductory course. The high amount of typos in the slides is distracting when you're trying to take notes.

By Joy Smith

Jan 17, 2019

good info, instructor really quiet. had to use earphones