Lecture 1: Embryology of the Oral Cavity and Tooth Eruption (10min)

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Introduction to Dental Medicine
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University of Pennsylvania
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Week 2 - Form and Function of the Oral Cavity
The modules in week 2 describe basic dental anatomy including embryology of the oral cavity, oral functions, basic tooth structure, and clinical implications of disease. Emphasis is placed on the clinical implications of these concepts and structures.

Meet the Instructors

  • Dr. Uri Hangorsky
    Dr. Uri Hangorsky
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/ Director PASS
    School of Dental Medicine
  • Dr. Thomas P. Sollecito
    Dr. Thomas P. Sollecito
    Professor and Chairman of Oral Medicine
    School of Dental Medicine
  • Dr. Eric Stoopler
    Dr. Eric Stoopler
    Associate Professor of Oral Medicine
    School of Dental Medicine

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