L1.1. Digital systems

<b><font size=4 color=#B22222><b>Click on "v More" to read the purpose of this module</b></font> </b> <br/><br/>This module is an introduction to Digital Systems. Here you will find:<ol><li>A set of videos_L covering issue 1 and the corresponding exercises, </li><li>Two videos_P introducing the processor that we will design along the course, and</li><li>Some video-based explanations; a wiki and some FAQs about how VerilUOC_Desktop tool functions.<br/> You will have to use VerilUOC_Desktop in the next module</li></ol> Read the "Lesson Index" in the "Index and PDF files" section and the "README" in the VerilUOC_Desktop section for more information.

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