Background on traditional views video lecture

After acquiring query formulation skills for development of business intelligence applications, you are ready to learn about DBMS extensions for efficient query execution. Business intelligence queries can use lots of resources so materialized view processing and design has become an important extension of DBMSs. In module 4, you will learn about an SQL statement for creating materialized views, processing requirements for materialized views, and rules for rewriting queries using materialized views. To gain insight about the complexity of query rewriting, you will practice rewriting queries using materialized views. To provide closure about relational database support for data warehouses, you will learn about about Oracle tools for data integration, the Oracle Data Integrator, along with two SQL statements useful for specific data integration tasks. After this module, you will have a solid background to use materialized views to improve query performance and deploy the Extraction, Loading, and Transformation approach for data integration as a data warehouse administrator or analyst.

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