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计算机辅助翻译原理与实践 Principles and Practice of Computer-Aided Translation
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第七周 计算机辅助翻译软件项目实战 Lecture 7: Computer-Aided Translation Tools in Practice
本单元,我们将为您展示计算机辅助翻译软件竞赛中各个小组软件学习视频以及项目实战视频。In this module, we will show you the videos by computer-aided translation students during their Computer-Aided Translation Tools Competition.

Meet the Instructors

  • Jingsong Shawn Yu 俞敬松
    Jingsong Shawn Yu 俞敬松
    Assoc. Prof.
    Language Information Engineering Department, School of Software and Microelectronics
  • Mr. Alex Han 韩林涛
    Mr. Alex Han 韩林涛
    School of Translation and Interpreting of Beijing Language and Culture University

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