The Big Three Affective Skills

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In this module, we will be featuring the skill, “Visualize it Richly and Colorfully”. This skill is about using the five senses to paint a vivid picture of what you're trying to explain or understand.This module will require you to use your imagination during the lessons and the subsequent assignments. We will ask you to picture the many aspects of certain objects -- such as apples -- or to remember something as vividly as possible. Let's give it a shot: picture a flower. It doesn't matter what kind of flower it is -- it doesn't even have to be one that is known to humankind! What does the flower look like? What colors make up the petals? How many petals are there? Does the stem have thorns? Do the thorns hurt? Are the petals soft? Are they damp from a recent dew? How does the flower smell? What do you hear? Is there a bee buzzing around the flower? Are you brave enough to taste the flower? I know that sounds like a lot of questions, but you should incorporate all five senses into the lessons within this module. As you go through this module's lessons, we would like you to consider the following questions: * How does visualization make your memories come alive?* How does visualization spark your imagination?* When deliberately employing this skill, do you feel more creative? We encourage you to keep this description handy, as we will be asking you to apply this skill throughout the module.Ready? Let's get started!* Skill taken from Torrance, E.P., & Safter, H.T. (1999). Making the creative leap beyond... Hadley, MA: Creative Education Foundation Press.

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