Video 6.1.2 The Southern Pacific Ocean

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In this module we are going to study the meteorology and strategy for the seas of the south of the planet. Down in the Southern Ocean is where the sailors go up against the toughest sailing conditions in the regatta and where they must also abide by safety restrictions due to the danger of floating ice. On the following pages, Marcel van Triest will analyse general strategy and also look at case studies from the Barcelona World Race 2010/11. In that edition, ice gates were used to restrict the fleet's descent south and to avoid boats heading into danger zones. For the 2014/15 edition, however, ice gates have been substituted by a “restriction zone”, a polygon with some 72 sides surrounding the Antarctic. In this video Marcel explains the general context of the passage through the Southern Ocean and reviews the routes taken in the 2010/11 edition of the race. They key difference in this edition is that the regatta does not take the boats through Cook Strait (New Zealand).

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