API: Authenticated Access

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In this module, you will learn how to implement authenticated interfaces providing role-based authorization required to protect web resources. You will also practice these techniques while implementing the core resources for the Photo Tourist application. You will learn how to manage user accounts with the Devise Ruby gem and how to implement token-based authentication with the devise_token_auth Ruby gem and ng-token-auth AngularJS module. With this starting point -- the student is on a straightforward path to implementing external authentication (e.g., via Facebook, Twitter, Github) through OAuth2 (not part of the capstone). Additionally, how to implement end-to-end account registration from the UI, through the API, to Devise through the intermediate libraries and implement an authenticated session component in Angular and make that available through a Navbar based on a Bootstrap implementation. You will learn how to add role-based security to their resources with the aid of the Pundit Ruby gem to determine access not only on authentication -- but also on assigned roles for the anonymous and authenticated user. The content and code-along exercises provide opportunities to implement role-based access checks within the Web UI to help guide a user to making authorized choices appropriate for their assigned roles. And how to write optimized SQL queries to implement compound, custom resource payloads for efficient expression of related object information -- including mapping roles to resources accessed by specific users. ************* This is a very long module with very important material relative to security and the targeted application. It will likely be broken up into two (2) or more modules in the future. You should budget extra time for this and treat it as if it were two (2) modules for the amount of time spent. Yes -- that means the novice developer could spend upwards to forty-eight (48) hours going through the lectures, performing the optional code-alongs, and completing the mandatory assignment. *************. The mandatory assignment for this module will be posted shortly after the last lectures are posted and there is a Git commit available in Github for that lecture.

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