Episode 18: Eisegesis, Exegesis & Hermeneutical Horizons

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In this final section on Categories and Principles, we will consider foundational and religious epistemological (theory of knowledge) categories. In particular, does a belief in God, or a lack of belief in God, impact the step of faith or intellect jump in the Metaphysics-Physics Principle? This week also introduces the second foundational principle of this course termed “The Message-Incident Principle.” This is a hermeneutical principle for interpreting religious texts dealing with statements about the natural world. In order to develop a peaceful relationship between Science and Religion, it is critical to understand that religious texts like the Bible feature an ancient understanding of nature (i.e., an ancient science). During this week we also outline the basic positions on the origin of the universe and life—Young Earth Creation, Progressive Creation, Evolutionary Creation, Deistic Evolution, and Dysteleological Evolution.

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