02.01 - Learning Points

From the course by University of Michigan
Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine, and Society
77 ratings
University of Michigan
77 ratings
From the lesson
Unit 01 - Neurobiology Section: Course Introduction & Neurobiology of Sleep and Wakefulness (Part One) - (Standard Track & Honors Track)

Meet the Instructors

  • Ralph Lydic, Ph.D.
    Ralph Lydic, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus, Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Professor Emeritus, Anesthesiology
    University of Michigan Medical School
  • Helen Baghdoyan, Ph.D.
    Helen Baghdoyan, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus, Anesthesiology, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology, Professor of Psychiatry
    University of Michigan Medical School

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