Development of a Simple Model with Environment, Peer Networks, and Agent Behaviors

From the course by Johns Hopkins University
Systems Science and Obesity
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Johns Hopkins University
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From the lesson
Module 4
Agent based modeling and conceptual motivation for agent based modeling. This module includes a lab lesson.

Meet the Instructors

  • Jessica Jones-Smith
    Jessica Jones-Smith
    Assistant Professor
    Human Nutrition
  • Rahmatollah Beheshti
    Rahmatollah Beheshti
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Department of Civil Engineering
  • Daniel Taber
    Daniel Taber
    Assistant Professor
    School of Public Health (UT Health)
  • Kayla de la Haye
    Kayla de la Haye
    Assistant Professor of Preventative Medicine
    Keck School of Medicine (USC)
  • Thomas Glass
    Thomas Glass

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