Inviting the community into our school

This week we consider the importance of looking beyond the school and establishing relationship with the outside community. Students are much more likely to do well if the community values education and provides good policies, appropriate levels of funding, and appropriate training for teachers. We will consider the difference between a regular school and a community school that involves its local community and considers it be a part of the school. We will look at some of the things that a community needs in order to support student learning and explore some ways in which schools can establish partnerships with their community. We will also consider 40 developmental assets that are related to student learning and success, as identified by the Search Institute in the United States. We also reflect on the importance of dialogue as a means of helping each other learn. This is one reason why we have been encouraging you to work in partnership with a colleague – either in your own setting or online – as you work through the ideas in this course. We hope you will either use professional conversations in your school setting or work with others online to enable dialogue that will help you learn.

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