6.2 面试中的四个重要部分 Four important part of the interview

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英语水平在正规面试中的重要性不言而喻,可是我一遇到面试就心慌慌怎么办?别怕,张宏岩老师以自己做面试官的经历总结出面试中的四个重要部分以及面试官看重的一些要素。大家只要在面试前准备充足,注意面试中的礼节,采取正确的面试策略,肯定能妥妥儿拿下哈!学完这一节可不要忘了做作业巩固哦~The most common types of English speech would be during an interview, and 95% of Chinese English learners use English to introduce themselves. Both international etiquette and communication strategy are covered here.

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