Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization

Starts Aug 20

Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization

Innovate in a Connected World. Learn about frameworks to manage and innovate in uncertainty

About This Specialization

In a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, leaders require innovation skills. Thinking flexibly and developing an entrepreneurial mindset are critical to thriving in uncertain business environments. This specialization addresses how to recognize and question assumptions and constraints so as to identify and capitalize on opportunities. Innovation is needed within existing organizations and to found new organizations. Learning to change the rules of the game by creating innovative value propositions and discovering new market positions for sustained competitive advantage are some of the actionable lessons in this specialization. This specialization will be of value to both aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs as well as employees in established firms who are interested in becoming innovative leaders in an interconnected world.

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  1. COURSE 1

    Strategic Innovation: Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations

    Upcoming session: Aug 20

    About the Course

    Innovation strategy is about creating unique value for consumers by delivering a great product that satisfies their needs and capturing value back from consumers. At the core of a successful innovation strategy is a great product concept. Produ
  2. COURSE 2

    Strategic Innovation: Managing Innovation Initiatives

    Upcoming session: Aug 27
    3-4 hours a week of study, including watching videos, doing the readings, and completing assessment

    About the Course

    You may have noticed that what is new often behaves differently than what has become accepted over time, whether it is in a market, or a technology, or involves people and firms. Much research supports these general ideas, and this course builds on
  3. COURSE 3

    Creativity Toolkit I: Changing Perspectives

    Upcoming session: Aug 22

    About the Course

    Thinking and doing the same things faster and better is not enough; we need creativity. Fortunately, creativity is a skill you can learn. This course will examine when, why, and how we can be creative. It examines the cues that trigger us to consid
  4. COURSE 4

    Creativity Toolkit II: Creative Collaboration

    Upcoming session: Aug 20

    About the Course

    Creativity requires us to collaborate with others. This course is designed to make you a better creative collaborator. Creativity can require us to bring together knowledge from different areas, often known by different people. We need to foster e
  5. COURSE 5

    Entrepreneurship I: Laying the Foundation

    Current session: Aug 8

    About the Course

    This course will explore the earlier stages of the entrepreneurial venture process across four modules. The modules will examine the nature of growth and error in entrepreneurial settings and how to manage resources in those settings. In addit
  6. COURSE 6

    Entrepreneurship II: Preparing for Launch

    Upcoming session: Aug 27

    About the Course

    This course builds on previous concepts and outlines strategies and tactics for forming, financing and launching a new venture. Topics to be addressed will include building the new venture’s initial management team, identifying and reaching out
  7. COURSE 7

    Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Capstone

    Current session: Aug 13

    About the Course

    The capstone for the specialization will provide a learning experience that integrates across all the courses within it. It will involve analysis of a situation concerning a new enterprise – a venture of one’s own or within a larger organization – to dev


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    Raj Echambadi

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