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Subtitles: English

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Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

2 hours to complete

Understanding the Sustainability Challenge: the Systemic Level

This section will introduce the course and frame the complex set of issues that the course aims to tackle. You will learn about some of the most important global sustainability challenges within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how to reflect on their implications for business.

10 videos (Total 69 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
10 videos
Short-Termism and its Long-term Consequences – Maurizio Zollo3m
Short-Termism and its Long-term Consequences: Introduction to the Fishbank Simulation – Maurizio Zollo4m
Understanding the Tragedy of the Commons – Maurizio Zollo5m
A New, Research-based, Approach to the Development of a Sustainability Mindset – Maurizio Zollo (optional: meditation podcasts in the Download section)12m
The Sustainable Development Goals and their Relevance for Business – Valentina Mele6m
Climate Change and its Economic Implications – Valentina Bosetti6m
Industrial Ecology – Fabio Iraldo8m
Poverty and Income Inequalities – Eliana La Ferrara, Maurizio Zollo11m
Gender Equality and Sustainability – Paola Profeta6m
2 readings
Beyond What and Why: Understanding Organizational Evolution toward Sustainable Enterprise Models10m
Additional Materials10m
1 practice exercise
Week 110m
3 hours to complete

Understanding the Sustainability Challenge: the Business Level

In this section you will learn the core concepts of corporate sustainability and the key dimensions that distinguish a sustainable organization. Instructors will discuss the foundations of the stakeholder-based view of the firm, and the logic for and against the primacy of shareholder value maximization as guiding purpose for firms' existence. We will then explore sustainability challenges and opportunities for organizations across some of the key dimensions of business, and conclude with a roundtable discussion on the nature of the sustainable enterprise.

10 videos (Total 113 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
10 videos
What is a Sustainable Enterprise? (part 2) – Maurizio Zollo10m
The Purpose of the Corporation – Nicola Misani5m
The Stakeholder-based View of the Firm – Nicola Misani6m
The Shareholder-Stakeholder Debate – Nicolai J. Foss, Maurizio Zollo28m
Corporate Governance – Xing Kelly Chen4m
Business Ethics & Sustainability – Maurizio Zollo, Celia Moore4m
Responsible Leadership – Massimo Magni3m
International Implementation of Sustainability – Anne Jacqueminet10m
Roundtable on the Nature of the Sustainable Enterprise – Maurizio Zollo, Christiane Bode, Armando Cirrincione, Anne Jacqueminet, Michael Russo, Miles Bernard Gietzmann29m
2 readings
Additional Materials10m
Slide set Week 210m
1 practice exercise
Week 210m
3 hours to complete

Why Corporate Sustainability? Assessing the Strategic Opportunity

This module consists of two different parts. In the first part we will explore why corporate sustainability could be paramount for corporate success. In the second part, you will learn about successful cases of organizations focusing on a business model designed around sustainability principles and mindsets.

9 videos (Total 114 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
9 videos
Social Impact and Employee Preferences – Christiane Bode5m
Social Enterprise: Definitions and Examples – Rakhi Mehra6m
Creating a Sustainable Enterprise from Scratch: a Case Study – Rakhi Mehra8m
Impact Investing – Audrey Selian, Rakhi Mehra22m
Impact Assessment – Rakhi Mehra, Eric Ezechieli14m
Circular Economy: The Aquafil Case – Salvo Testa, Giulio Bonazzi22m
Responsibly-Innovative Startups: Re-Bello & Wrad Cases – Francesca Romana Rinaldi20m
Cross Sector Partnerships - Lilach Trabelsi5m
4 readings
The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Processes and Performance10m
Investing in the Sustainable Future10m
Additional Materials10m
Slide set Week 310m
1 practice exercise
Week 310m
2 hours to complete

Seizing the Strategic Opportunity: Managing Sustainability Transitions across Business Functions

In this module, you will learn to assess the challenges related to the management of the integration of sustainability-related processes in business organizations. This transformational change challenge is assessed across some of the key business functions and will allow you to frame and address similar challenges and opportunities within your own business context.

12 videos (Total 93 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
12 videos
Integrating Sustainability in Corporate Strategy – Maurizio Zollo10m
Sustainable Corporate Growth Strategies – Maurizio Zollo12m
Governance: Institutionalizing Sustainability – Xing Kelly Chen5m
Accounting and Controlling – Ariela Caglio6m
Supply Chain: Main Problems – MJ. Ni. ilknur Tekin3m
Supply Chain Focus Pills: Risks in Fashion Supply Chain – Iolanda D’Amato1m
Supply Chain Case: the YKK Group Case – Iolanda D'Amato15m
HR Strategy and Management – Silvia Bagdadli5m
Sales & Marketing – Armando Cirrincione5m
R&D Innovation: a Framework – Nicoletta Corrocher8m
R&D Innovation: Technological Change and Innovation – MJ. Ni. ilknur Tekin3m
2 readings
Additional Materials10m
Slide set Week 410m
1 practice exercise
Week 410m
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By SODec 20th 2018

This course gave me a holistic understanding of Corporate Sustainability. Thanks to the Lead Principal, Lecturers and the entire team.

By CRMar 17th 2019

An important source of inspiration for those who deal with or would like to deal with corporate sustainability. Highly recommended.



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