Created by:  University of Washington

  • Carlos Guestrin

    Taught by:  Carlos Guestrin, Amazon Professor of Machine Learning

    Computer Science and Engineering

  • Emily Fox

    Taught by:  Emily Fox, Amazon Professor of Machine Learning

Basic Info
Commitment6 weeks of study, 5-8 hours/week
English, Subtitles: Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified)
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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4.6 stars
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Ratings and Reviews
Rated 4.6 out of 5 of 5,746 ratings

Great course to review concepts and learn some new. Using graphlab was great to go through the concepts quickly however it is not the best approach for real life applications. I'm hoping the next courses will go deeper on how to actually work through the models and algorithms.

Great course.

The best online class I ever took. It covers a lot of basic ML algorithms and concepts (with no explanation of details), so you get a nice overview of how this field works and you can move on from there to see what is better for you. I have used the website videos many times to remember what we cover. It also gives you a good exposure to Python. the case study approach is better for understanding the material. I will definitely recommend this class to anyone how wants to know about ML.

Really cool