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Data Visualization with Python, IBM

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"A picture is worth a thousand words". We are all familiar with this expression. It especially applies when trying to explain the insight obtained from the analysis of increasingly large datasets. Data visualization plays an essential role in the representation of both small and large-scale data. One of the key skills of a data scientist is the ability to tell a compelling story, visualizing data and findings in an approachable and stimulating way. Learning how to leverage a software tool to visualize data will also enable you to extract information, better understand the data, and make more effective decisions. The main goal of this Data Visualization with Python course is to teach you how to take data that at first glance has little meaning and present that data in a form that makes sense to people. Various techniques have been developed for presenting data visually but in this course, we will be using several data visualization libraries in Python, namely Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Folium. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate....

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Nov 28, 2018

The course with the IBM Lab is a very good way to learn and practice. The tools we've learned in this module can supply a good material to enrich all data work that need to be presented in a nice way.


Aug 08, 2018

Excellent tutorials, great labs and fun exercises - visualization is one of the most satisfying things about data science, and it is no surprise that this course is very enjoyable!

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129 Reviews

By Paul Bastide

Feb 20, 2019

The one that makes you work the most, gets you to learn the most. Kudos on this course. The assignments were great.

By Manivannan Durairaj

Feb 20, 2019


By Fish

Feb 20, 2019

confuse in the homework

By Ganapathi Nayak K

Feb 19, 2019

Very good experience

By Alexey Evgenievich Stolpovsky

Feb 17, 2019

Thank you so much for the course! This one is the best out of all series! It is a pleasure to learn with you! Labs are fantastic! Really, I spent a lot of time on them. Course is really exciting and insightful.

By Prashant Hariharan Krishnan

Feb 15, 2019

This course about Data Visualization is pretty good.

By Yang Danning

Feb 15, 2019

All the course is good except the final assignment

By Bakyt Niiazov

Feb 15, 2019

Great course.

By Changfa Fu

Feb 13, 2019

Takes time for beginners

By Ariel Espinosa

Feb 13, 2019

I like the exercises and the final assignment took me a while to complete.

Good work, thanks!!